The Price to Pay

Found in a taxidermy shop in New York. Friends know which one we mean. You cannot be haunted and survive in this world. You must act. We share these pages as a warning and a prophecy both and for interpretation of how the dead old world still lives forward in the new, alas. To believe in truth, you must take on contamination.

Photograph of a page from a book. The name 'Voynich' is circled and 'South American Furs' after it is underlined. An arrow connects to a handwritten note on the margin that reads, 'don't believe in coincidence'. Another note on the footer says, 'don't believe in friends either'.

But they believe in you. Warning, Friends: do not take on false prophecy. Our former friend wants "Voynich" to bring him to the truth, but in fact that is just down the rabbit hole. No manuscript can replace what Silvina gives you.

Photograph of a page from the book 'Oddly Enough' with a cartoon depicting men with animal heads wearing tuxedos. The cartoon reads, 'Animal Land speaks to Furtown. Our inalienable right as fur bearers.' A handwritten note near the header wonders, 'the salamander?'

Blessed be the salamander, far from your ministrations, far from this hellmouth. Blessed be the salamander, in the dark, under rocks, but with the truth shining out from their skin. Blessed be the Friends who labor in the dark, under rocks, but know the truth with all of their being.

Photograph of the title page of the book 'Animal Land Speaks to Furtown', subtitled 'The Human Debut of the Wild'. A handwritten note underneath the subtitle says, 'if you're reading this, Ronnie, fuck off!'

The frustrations of the un-believer will spill out in vitriol and spittle. The frustrations of the un-believer will infect the Friends by the very act of bringing attention to these frustrations. Do not pay it mind. Do not give it attention or time. Continue on your mission.

Photograph of a page from a book. The annotation at the top saying 'What FoS trying to do!!' connects to the circled section heading, 'Making a Monkey Out of a Goat'.

There is only one goat here and that is the scribbler who does not understand our purpose. You have been warned.

. .