The Hellmouth Archives in the original Spanish.

The Hellmouth Archives

Re: "Jack Sprat," current alias "Jim Lord"

Reporting Agent: Gabriel J. Mesa

Mr. Vilcapampa:

His car was by the side of the road, the driver side door open. There appeared to have been no accident. The engine turned over, first time. Nothing in the glove compartment, wheel bearings, or upholstery. Nothing in the boot. Occupant appears to have left quickly, yet the meticulous nature of the interior feels to me as if someone wiped it down after the occupant left. I could not rule out the car being forced off the road, followed by an abduction, but this seems unlikely given the dangerous nature of the driver.

This was 80 miles outside of Quito, in dense jungle. A remote area, coordinates [redacted]. A footpath led into the treeline, but I could find no recent tracks. Mud from recent rain made a full search difficult. Drone footage revealed nothing useful and further drone surveillance in the day after also turned up nothing.

However, there was a file folder on the front passenger seat. Tightly bound in rubber bands, which from the marks had not been removed in some time. The contents do not look like data, in the usual way, or the results of surveillance, but, rather, the memorabilia of surveillance. I felt, to be candid, that the file folder had sentimental or personal value to the driver, and that leaving it behind meant something important.

I have made copies and sent you the originals with this cover letter. I am happy to destroy the originals if that is your wish.

On the more central matter, of which this was possibly a clue, the Burning Woman has not been sighted in Ecuador in more than week. There are rumors of miracles in remote places, but as with most word-of-mouth, the details become warped and exaggerated to the point of being useless. I personally feel this woman does not exist.

I am happy to continue to search for both the driver and for the woman, but it would seem I might first require more intel, if you have such to share. For example, I know we have been calling him "Hellmouth," and also the alias he is using here, but if you know his real name, this might help us in some way.

Without more context, I am proceeding in the dark. Further, the political situation here as deteriorated. I know this is simply the environment we work in now, but in this case it is no longer safe on the roads here. I hope this report has been of interest and I await your reply.