The Berlin Anomaly

A Unitopia '67 poster affixed to a steel door in Berlin.
Photo by Ali Sperling

True Friends know that coincidence is deception, and deception is sometimes the truth. Signs and symbols align because Silvina still walks among us—because her purpose is still in place. We know that Silvina's Unitopia was inspired by utopian efforts in Germany in the 60s. We know that a poster advertising a "Unitopia 67" is an art project not a blueprint. But that the art project is a blueprint—for action. We ask for your help in interpreting the message we are being given. Not all will ever be clear on first glance, for our enemies are many. Truth must not be intercepted.

A couple of Unitopia 67 posters on an outdoor electrical box in the streets of Berlin.
Photo by Ali Sperling

We ask that you congregate at these coordinates, if you are nearby, that you might report back to us. Does the location of these messages have meaning? Scout what is around such places. Walk the city searching for more of Unitopia 67. If you discover more, you can find us at the place the blue fox stares.

Unitopia 67 posters on a wall in Berlin, peeling back to reveal older posters underneath.
Photo by Ali Sperling

What lies beneath? That may be as important—as with all signs of Silvina in these difficult years, we must do the work; she cannot do all the work for us. The message may lie beneath. It may be somewhere hidden under what it in the vicinity. Is there a fire escape leading up to a doorway marked with . .   . .   . . ? You must be alert, astute, be hyper-aware. Do not let us down now, when we are so close. Please.

A couple of Unitopia 67 posters on a steel gate covered with graffitti in Berlin.
Photo by Ali Sperling

Please understand that this is an emergency.

. .